Hatch is a share investment platform that provides you an opportunity to US stock market from New Zealand.
This company is subsidy of one of well known New Zealand bank “Kiwi Bank”. For that reason it makes you feel very secured.

The advantage of Hatch is its transaction fee scheme. They charge flat transaction fee $3 USD for trading 0-300 shares and additional 1c USD per share for 300+ shares. Thus, If you are investing your money in relatively cheap like penny stock then the fee would feel overwhelming and too much.

In contrast, when you are buying high value stock such as Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq) which is over $300 per share as of today, obviously it would feel the fee is very low.

My verdict on Hatch investment:

I highly recommend when you are investing in mega size high price companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft as it is almost fee free even if you are investing $100,000 if the number of share you are buying is less than 300 shares.

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